Artist's Bio

Gayle Parent is a painter whose colorful, geometric paintings are developed under the influence of her love of fabric, color, line and shape. Since childhood, she noticed and savored the textures, colors and patterns of wool, cotton, silk and linen fabrics. Ms. Parent's paintings are most often non-representational, and are sometimes woven, creating a unique physicality to the work, and a textural surface rarely seen.

Gayle had the experience of living overseas for some time in her twenties, and traveled to many countries, enjoying their museums, architecture and crafts. She later studied art at Fontbonne University in St. Louis Missouri, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art, with an emphasis on painting. As a student, she had the good fortune to study with professor David Hollowell, who gave her license to paint any way she chose, and a painter was born. She later earned a Master of Education degree in Elementary Education at Arizona State University. She concluded her 22 years of teaching elementary school in the spring of 2012 and retired to focus her time and energy on painting. Ms. Parent's paintings are housed in private collections throughout the United States.